January 11, 2011



Someone has got some pretty big (and SPARKly) shoes to fill. Thank you for being a part of my 3-day world. You always made it just a little big brighter, maybe it was that spark.

Kayren Babcock- Team Tiara

The old cowboys of days gone by used to say... "your welcome at my fire anytime". Well I can say- you are welcome at Team Tiara's fire anytime. If every you wanna just come and hang and laugh and dance for all those whom we love and cherish the fighting, the victorious and the angels that have worn the "cancer" button- bring it on! I for one would never get tired of the Greatest American Hero- I have to say that rocked my world this year : ) I have walked for 3 of the last 4 Dallas walks and will continue. Just want to say- you have been an amazing part of the journey for so many and you will be missed. I will be praying for the success of your future endeavors - I know that you will do well!


I will always be thankful for your "Greatest American Hero" fixation (you are a good sport for indulging my request to take a photo of you posing "in flight" on day 3 in Cleveland, 2010)...I will always remember that during karoke night, every song is your "favorite song"...I will never forget the fabulous tutorials you led on how to deconstruct a tent (awesome visuals)...but mostly I will be forever touched by your spirit. Thanks :)


Thanks Jenne!
I hate cancer too and that it has taken some of my family, but I love people like you that fight through and win.

PS. I can so see you pulling on that mower cord.

Tracy Simons

THANK YOU Jenne for all the you have done and brought to the 3 Day during your time as spokesperson. You will be missed but NEVER forgotten!!


Thank you Jenne...
for playing Greatest American Hero over and over, for your GREAT dance moves, for the jokes and the kneesocks, for making staff pack a tent and shake their tush, for your joy and compassion, for your time and your energy, and for sharing your spark with all of us in the pink.
Must say, I'm a little jealous of your clients, they don't know what fun they're in for!


Thank you, Jenne, for being an excellent spokesperson. You made Camp and the whole experience extremely enjoyable. When I wanted to cry from exhaustion that first year you made me laugh. We'll miss your jokes and your spark!

Larry Hoffmann


Though I am quite certain you do not realize it (or know me :)), you helped me learn how to support my brother and Jen as together they loved and lived while fighting her battle. Your spark (and theirs)keeps me from sitting idly on the sideline instead of becoming involved and living life more fully.

Thank you,



I have always thought of you as the national spokesperson of US, the walkers and survivors. You must know that there's a difference. I guess that is why my heart sank when I heard you were leaving us.
We will miss you!


Thank you for your joy and spirit and commitment - You will be missed! Always made me laugh year after year and yes, the tent packing tutorial was always a favorite.

May your next chapter be as full of life and love and fun as this one was and maybe slightly less weekly travel?! Although I do hope that mini candy bars are always offered up to you just when you need them most.

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