January 11, 2011


Rose Cerroni

Jenne -- we finished our 20 miles.. heading back into camp, feet hurting, overwhelmed with the heat and humidity and wondering if we could walk another 20 miles the next day. Never a doubt -- we were so uplifted by your energy and enthusiasm, and truly felt the love you poured out to each of us (thank you so much). As a 20 year survivor of BR CA, I wish you Godspeed, good health, and much love. You are a marvelous role model!

Tim Bakan

Inspiring words, to say the least. Thank you. As a first year walker in 2011 I will do my best to fill your shoes with the same determination you have given to many.

Yvonne Slusser

I've completed 4 walks and you have been at every one. I will miss you on my 5th walk next summer in Cleveland, along with your dance moves, jokes, route information, and most importantly, your spirit! Best of luck!

Heather C Hoffmeister- Kansas City, MO


I met you in San Fran this year, It was my first 60 mile walk, I had the alarmingly Giant Sunflowers rockin on my pink Bra & tutu. I remember watching & listening to you at the opening ceremonies, at that time...I did not know that you were a fellow KC gal. You inspired me. I was moved.

I have spent my life working to make a positive difference in the life's of others. I feel that this is what brings meaning to my own world.

I wanted to share with you that I am drafting my application for the 2011 Dream Job which is now available....everything happens for a reason. Thank you for reminding me of who I am.

Susan Martin

Jenne --

When my sister and I heard you were going on a new path we said, "Our Jenne'?" You have been with us through all of our walks -- spoken to us like you were speaking to us one on one -- and helped to inspire us to continue in this fight! We wish you peace and happiness in all you seek in life. With love and praise -- Susan

Amanda Thompson

Jenne! You sure have come along way. And you have brought so many people along with you. It was 2007... or maybe 2008, I think when I first heard you speak for Komen. And I was simply blown away. You have truly been an inspiration. Thanks for all that you have done, and will do. Keep that new found SPARK, and hold it close.


Thank you, Jenne for 4 fabulous 3Day events. As a walker in 3 events and a crew member for 1 (camp logistics PINK ARMY), you always brought compassion and laughter to those of us you were helping support. I always looked forward to Greatest American Hero :). I've since continued my journey as part of the 3Day and sincerely missed having you there with us this year!

I'm glad a friend of mine found your blog so that we can keep up with all the amazing things you're moving on to. Best of luck in each and every adventure you take on!

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