January 19, 2011



Woo-hooray-wow- hi five...great job!!!!!! I am so going to miss you in Philadelphia this year.....

Annette Aeberhard

Great job! You DO rock! ;)


Jenne' girl - "running away" on a wing and a prayer - believe it or not it's me (uh- YOU running all 26.2!) woo hoo!

Hey, with such LIFE-wisdom (I mean really - HOW MANY GREAT POINTs???!!!) I UN-Officially now dub you the 2010/11 Greatest American SHE-RO! "looks like the light of a new day - it came from out of the blue - breaking me out of the cell I was in - making all of my wishes come true!"

seriously - lessons 3 & 6... stabbed me. yep. #3 - how I maneuver between beginning & ending - therein lies the value...

Stink - too much brain-function at 1:20 am...:) thanks for the post!

melanie danke

Wonderful post! My friend Patty forwarded it to me, because I'm planning on repeating the madness and signing up for another marathon to improve my time (once the Biggest Loser contestants started finishing faster than hubby and me, pride sorta' demanded it.)
You did a great job at capturing the whole experience.

Rikki Williams

Such an inspiration! I want to do the WDW princess marathon but keep making excuses. I need to save this blog post and maybe I'll find the courage.


Awesome job!!! It so reminds me of my first 3Day...as we were driving in the pitch black darkness at 4:30 in the am (I'm so not a morning person) I remember looking out the window and having to bite my lip to keep from crying. How was I going to walk 60 f'n miles, how was I gonna walk even 20?

Then it happened right around 7 am..I met this amazing little lady, well she looked little standing way up there on that stage. She spoke about what brought us there and she she reminded us that we weren't alone in our feelings. The sadness, the dread, the excitement, we were all feeling it, but it was the "we" part that she seemed to stress. It was comforting, it was soothing, but most of all it was inspiring!

I keep thinking how am I gonna be able to do the 3Day with out our "greatest hero" she inspires us in the morning and then we look forward to her silly humor at night when we're exhausted and have to think about getting up and doing it all again. I guess it's true what you said "sometimes, it's just a grind. Sometimes we just have to keep moving forward".

Thanks again for all of your inspiration!! We're gonna miss you so much!!

Benjamin Schlaygull


I told you so : ) Nice work from the very start (even though you started on this before ever even telling me) on all the hard work and diligence in the middle and most importantly on pulling it all together for a fantastic end.

No one can ever take this away from you - and like 3 people have tried since I began writing this.

You are awesome and your wrap up was so damn spot on. They always are. Way to go stud.



WoW! Another great reminder of why we love you so much...take the seemingly innocuous stuff of life and make lessons out of it. You do rock. In so many ways and so many lives are greater just because you are part of them. Thank you.

Patricia Stevens

Jenne, I am so glad you had the chance to do the Disney marathon! It was our first full, we'd done the 1/2 last year and I'll tell you, Disney does it with style. Glad you got to experience that. I loved your post. You are an amazing woman.


Congrats to you and thanks for the lessons. You've always been inspiring at every 3Day I've attended where I have witnessed your charisma, charm and inspiration. I'm doing my first full marathon on March. I think I shall steal your lesson six idea and get me a good support team complete with great shirts! :)

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