September 21, 2010



And sometimes someone writes a blog that hits home and the timing of that blog is impeccable. Thank you! I needed to hear some of those words.

Rebecca Gibbs

wow. thank you... I am often asked how I got through the rough spots in my life. I lost my sister at age 13 to brain cancer, my brother at age 33 (just 4 years ago) to a hit-and-run driver, and my mother to breast cancer, last year at age 61, after her courageous 26-year battle with the disease. My life has been difficult... Not impossible. This year I walked my 5th 3-Day and continue to hope for A World Without Breast Cancer. The 3 Day is difficult, not impossible. Life has its moments... but I just keep plugging along, because ultimately... it's not impossible. And it's worth it. Thanks for all you do, Jenne. You are truly an inspiration!

Cezanne (Boston 3 Day)

Your words truly amaze me and inspire me. As most things in life can be difficult when you are in it...they are never truly impossible. Impossible is in your head telling you that you cannot do this or get through this when your HEART tells you that it's just difficult and you will make it through....just believe in you!

Thank you Jenne for such amazing inspiration!

Amy Rose

Jenne, I'm so glad you have this blog so I can continue to hear your good stories, inspirational words, and hear your insights. You really are an amazing person!


That sister of yours is one smart cookie. I only wish I had someone so wise to say those things to me when I went through treatment. And i loved the "To Friends & Family of the Recently Diagnosed" post - oh so true! Thanks Jenne this post was just what I needed!


This is the first post of yours that I have read. I'm hooked. I have always tried to stay away from those socially acceptable ways to emptily deal with people around us that are struggling. Yet, I have nothing to give them other than an arm to cry on or an ear to listen to them. I'll continue doing that, but I'll also have some other words from your sister. Thank you very much for sharing!

Peace and Grace,


Brandon Kinan

Are you trying to tell us that you are a right-wing extremist?
No more hate, no more love. Just be, and everything will make sense. (not)
There once was a time when I blogged about this stuff like crazy. Not many people came to my blogs.
I just saw my comments being removed from some sites. I mean no harm, I'm just… sporadic.

Hey, whats that beeping noise? Where's that smoke coming from?

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Shannon Alexander

One day at chemo, my friend looked up at me, tubes attached to the port in her chest, a rare expression of pure frustration on her face, and she said, "You know what cliche has to be the worst?"

I shook my head.

"God only gives you what you can handle," she said with a snort and an eye roll.

I nodded my head. Yes, that is stupid. And hurtful. And it makes God out to be really uncool, heaping crap on some of us and trying to make it out to be some kind of blessing. I nodded my head again.

Then my friend said, "I know I can handle this. I just don't really feel like it today."

I fought every urge in my body to turn my head away from her just then so she wouldn't see the huge tears in my eyes. I nodded once more instead.

She kept going against ovarian cancer for nine years. Tomorrow is the anniversary of her death. How serendipitous that I found your blog today.

Thanks for this post. It reminded me (once again) of how lucky I am to have had such a remarkable friend.

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