January 25, 2010


Terri Mangold

Thanks for the update Jenne! Glad all is relatively well. You've been on my mind and in my prayers! Since I work at a cancer center I know how you feel every day. Keep smiling Kiddo!! You have an infectious and delightful personality! Can't wait until November! See you in Dallas.

P.S. Thank God no open heart surgery! That's a whole different story!


I SO hear you about the "nothing thing". I have a "nothing thing" that I can't help but feel every time I take a shower.....and sometimes my fingers go right to it for no apparent reason. Almost in the hopes it's not there. My question, if it's a "nothing thing"...then what is it? They couldn't tell me. I say, Adenoma? They didn't tell me. ALL I've been told it's that it's "nothing". I want to tell these people. "Seriously? My sister is a 10 yr breast cancer survivor still in treatment....I have an unexplained lump. You wanna tell me what this "nothing" is then?

Looking forward to seeing you this year at the 3 Day. Will be walking in Dallas this year. Crewing in Philly. Lets hope the weather in Philly this year isn't anything like last!

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