December 07, 2009



worth waiting for. you done good.

Jenn Frederick

Not like you haven't been a little busy! Great to see you out there this year; hope you have you back in 2010!


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In retinue of Fanja well-born people consisted. Dressed in white silk, they drove about in chariots or slowly strolled, looking at all haughtily.
Having noticed Kaja with Shang-mountain, old and weak, with suntanned until black the person, in a dress and a cap completely not not found, all of them have concerned him contemptiously and have begun to scoff at it as soon as could: sneered, deceived him, beat, pushed, threw from one to another. But Kaj with Shang-mountain didn't become angry, spongers were tired, and their inventions were settled.
Then together with Borders all of them have ascended to a high tower, and one of them has joked:
- The one who will dare to rush downwards, will receive in an award one hundred gold.
Others in eager rivalry began to agree, and Kaj, having accepted all for truth, has hastened to rush the first. Precisely soaring bird he has fallen on the earth, without having damaged neither bones, nor muscles.
The retinue of Fanja has accepted it for accident and not very much was surprised. And then someone, specifying in a whirlpool in a river bend, has again told:
- There - a precious pearl. Dive - you will find her.
Кай has again obeyed and has dived. Has come up, really, with a pearl.
Here all have become thoughtful, and Fan ordered to feed henceforth Kaja together with others meat and to dress him in silk.
But here in a treasury of Fanja the strong fire has flashed. Фань has told:
- You will manage to enter into fire, to rescue silk - all I will give to you to an award, how many you will pull out!
Кай, without fluctuating, has gone to a treasury, disappeared in a flame and again appeared, but fire didn't burn him, and soot didn't stick to him.
All in the house of Fanja have decided that he owns a secret, and began to ask from him pardons:
- We didn't know that you own miracle, and deceived you. We didn't know that you - sacred, and offended you. Consider us as fools, consider us as deaf persons, consider us blind! But permit to us to ask, in what your secret consists?
- I don't have secret, - Kaj with Shang-mountain has answered. - whence it is my heart doesn't know. And still about one I will try to tell to you.
Recently two from you spent the night in my hut, and I heard, how they eulogized Fanja: he-de can destroy live and recover dead, rich to make the poor man, and poor - the rich man. And I have gone to him, despite a long journey for really at me doesn't remain other desires. When has come here, I trusted each your word. Without thinking neither of danger, nor that becomes with my body, was afraid to be only insufficiently betrayed, insufficiently executive. Only about one there were my thoughts, and nothing could stop me. That's all. Just now, when I have learned that you deceived me, in me doubts and alarms have risen, I began to listen and get accustomed to yours похвальбе. Has remembered the past: has had the luck not to burn down, not to sink - and from a grief, for fear me has gone hot, has captured a shiver. Unless I can to come nearer once again to water and a flame?
Since then удальцы Fanja didn't dare to offend beggars and коновалов on roads. Having met them, bowed, having descended from a chariot. Having learned about it, Tszaj In has informed Konfutsiju. Конфуций has told:
- Unless you don't know that the person full of belief, is capable to influence things, to touch the sky and the earth, gods and souls of ancestors, to cross the Universe from the east on the West, from the north on the south, from zenith to a nadir. Not only the precipice, a whirlpool or a flame - anything won't stop him. Kai with Shang-mountain has believed in lie, and anything hasn't prevented him. The it is more, when both parties искренни. Remember this, the young man!

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Форуму WHB исполнилось 8 лет, а у сайта давнымдавно пошел уже девятый год. Это достаточно бесконечный срок чтобы проекта в Рунете, преимущественно данной тематики. В связи с ДР я и выбрал такую дату - дату для закрытия проекта в целом. Изза эти долгие годы для проекте сменилось не одно племя модеров и мемберов. Форум многому научил нас всех, помог найти друзей и даже начать бизнес. Изначально я ставил главной целью этого проекта - апогей полезной и свободной информации. Беспричинно быстро случилось, что 2004-2005 я начал отдаляться от проекта, у меня появились некоторый жизненные приоритеты и интересы. Только беспричинно же, вдруг и раньше я остаюсь верен своему главному увлечению - IT, а меняются чуть направления. Последние годы меня далеко удручало, что форум превратился в барахолку чернухой, а не информационный ресурс. Единственное что нравиться, он стал первым в этом =) Данный тренд уже не изменить и даже ежели закрыть часть по продаже, то форум не вернется к изначальному направлению и скорей всего быстро умрет, а x-hack.ru будет жить ;)


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