April 07, 2009



Hoping to provide comfort. Hoping to convince and cajole and to give confidence.
Jenne..by getting it, you give every bit of the above and more!As always, thanks for your insight.

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Laura Keating

Dear Jenne

I found your site while doing searches on "Port" and "scar" because I have been left quite badly scarred by a central veinous line through which I received "booser" cisplatin for cervical cancer.

Reading your story made me cry,especially as you are so young and pretty.

To tell the truth, talk about "badges of honor" etc makes me mad as hell. Someone told me I should be proud of my scars - why? do you have to pass an exam to get cancer or something? It's like being proud of having your house burgled or being in a car accident!

Even my mother tried to console me by saying they are "honorable scars" - what a crock! She also said that I could wear things "that cover me up" (????) I am not married to a Taliban and I don't see why I should wear a burka!

The worst thing is that the port can be inserted through the arm, but that's a bit more difficult for the docs .... never mind about us.

Have you consulted a cosmetic surgeon? You never know, there might be something they can do.

Believe me,I know what you're going through.


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I think its a pretty good idea not that there aren't other sites out there that already do something similar but I think it might catch on here pretty well.

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Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

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It is very curious that people look the most of the times for port scars. I have a blog too, and it is very interesting to analyze what people is looking for when find the site.

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I have a lot of scars because I was a very hyperactive kid! I hit myself everyewhere, therefore I have some scars on my face that bring along a number of memories!

Big Brests

When I was 6 I had a port and I have had the scar since then, I am now 21. My whole Life I have struggled with my scar. Located on the top of my right brest it is large, ugly and a visible reminder of the part in my childhood I try to forget. Going through puberty I developed large beautiful brests that tend to be exposed in of my clothes. As a preteen and then teenage I constantly had people ask me about my scare and where it was from, not wanting anyone to know the real explanation I would usual make something up like " I burned my self with my hair strainer" or people would come to their own conclusions and I would agree with them. My scar from my port became the vain of my existence I used my hair to cover it when I could because the cutest clothes would always reveal it. Finally when I was 16 I went to a plastic Surgeon but he said there was nothing he could do. I never accepted his answer and continued to be hopeful that I could eventually removed. I am currently 21 and still have my scar. I am more comfortable with it mainly because people are less curious and I try to remind my self about inner beauty. I still struggle to come to terms with the fact that this scare will be on my brest for the rest of my life. I resent it mostly because it reminds me of the fact I had cancer, but as I get older I resent it less and more embrace the fact that I was fortunate enough to survive cancer.


In December of last year I had a surgery to remove a mass from my chest. With that, came a huge 7 inch scar down the middle of my chest and 3 smaller scars right under where my bra sits from the chest tubes. In January I got my port. All of my scars are big, red, puffy and ugly. I am turing 21 soon and my self confidence went from low to even lower now that I have my scars. I am glad that you wrote this post. I did not realize that anyone felt the same way about their cancer scars. I'm still going through treatments and such so I still have more scars to come, but my head is held just a little higher now because of you. Thank You!


The function of the press in society is to inform, but its role in society is to make money.

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