January 13, 2009



write "my mom thinks I'm very wise" on your mirror. Love


Wow. Just wow. I read your blog every time you post. I subscribe to it because I like it so much and I have enjoyed these 14 posts in a row. Your blog inspires me. And this post ... well .. this post really got to me.

As a new parent, I can't tell you how hard I work to plow past all of the nasties written on my own mirror. Because even though you can't see them ... they are still there. Awareness is key, isn't it?

P.S. My husband and I both attended your "Interesting, tell me more" training a few years ago. Your blog is a wonderful extension of what I heard that day. Thank you for sharing your stories.


Damn, girl. That was beautiful.

I gotta be honest: When I got to the middle of the piece I thought "What is Jenné's problem? What the heck is she doing in her line of work when she's got this misanthropic streak?" But I kept reading. And you talked to that man...and you listened...and you pulled something out of him that needed pulling out. Then you tied it back in to the mirror thing.

You have a gift, my dear. A gift for seeing the forest, even though the trees are bugging the shit out of you. A double-gift, really, because you not only see it, but then you write about it beautifully.



Amazing! I love your insight, wit and the way you can engage with grace, even when you don't want to. I feel so blessed to have found you when I did. You give me a different perspective that is nothing less than wonderful! I can't even start to Thank You enough for your friendship and strength. Everything happens in God's time & I am so glad that you were in his design...Big Hugs!

Russ Hall ( Stinky! )

mirrors are good... Thanks!

melanie danke

Ah, my friend Patty started reading this to me and you blindsided both of us-- what a great, if weepy, way to start a Monday. Thanks for the excellent post!

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