January 12, 2009



I think The Hub is definitely on to something here. I've thought about this for a while too. There is no past anymore. With the proliferation of digital video and pictures, combined with instant, easy storage and display options (like YouTube and Facebook) all of us can instantly access visual memories from 5, 10, 20 years ago. Growing up, every five years or so my parents would haul an old photo album out of the basement and we would see their life together in 1975, and then it would disappear and we wouldn't see it again for another five years. Not only is this changing norms, I think it is changing our perception of time.


I think what creeps me out more about Facebook is all the people you DON'T want to find you - can find you AND they can read all about you. I am thankful for it in that I have been reconnected with some figures from my past who helped define who I am today - but those folks are few and far between. The other though I have regarding Facebook is it's really a communication tool without having to actually communicate.


I feel honored to have inspired a post on your blog. Sorry about the picture though... at least you looked cool at the time!


What's amused/troubled me about Facebook is how little people have changed. I (foolishly) connected with a girl from high school who was quite annoying back then, but I figured "Hey, we're all grown up now, right? All those silly labels from high school can be cast aside now that we're out in the real world."

No. They can't. She's still just as clueless and annoying. And the trouble is, I sought her out. Augh!

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