July 11, 2008



JENNE!!!!!!!!!! you know i love your writing (you *do* know that, don't you?) but THIS! this was brilliant. it really was. the bulls and the guys and the adrenaline--i saw it, felt it, wanted it, and missed it. helluva job, srsly.

i'm grateful for my bloglines subscription so i never have to miss a post. people, get there--you will love it. be subscriber #22 to jennethink.

hope you're doing well! miss ya, love ya--

Terry Brooks

Jenne, What a great story. Your mom was over at our house last night for dinner and shared your blog with us. We love her so much. I mean Looooooove her! Now I gotta go to Spain and run with the bulls. I just have to! Hope you find those four guys who walked in with you someday. Maybe on-line somehow in the future. Hope I meet you one day. Blessings!
Terry and Christine Brooks


Canadian Boys --- yummy!!! lol As a fellow Canadian I am glad that they were able to keep ur mind at ease...now if I just knew who was single and who wasn't lol

Cheers!!! :)


Aww, this made me tear up. I want to kiss each one of those boys. What good souls they are!

Jamison Eige

Wow...I must say I am truly amazed that you experienced this first hand. You are a wonderful writer and I am so glad I have found this blog. I am just beginning to learn a little more about your life through your posts but can see you are a magnificent person.
-Jamison Eige


Canadians, ay? Great story!

Carl P. Boyer

Wish I read this before popping off my e-mail earlier. This reminds me of my own need to conquer the world each time I rebound from bouts with my illness (CIDP for those interested). The first time in March 1990, just over a year after having been nearly unable to walk or use my arms, I was competing against 134 other skiers at the annual Air Force invitational ski meet in Utah. I hadn't skied at all in 7 years never mind competively. But with encourement from a close friend, George Quirk, I went out there and did it. What a rush to be able to ski fast again, racing through gates against the clock. And what a surprise after finishing dismally the first three days (expected but tough to swallow just the same), I finished 18th in the slalom on the fourth day. Eighteenth out of 135, against some who had even raced professionally. Eighteenth when a year earlier my wife was worrying that I might be crippled for life. It wasn't the Pamplona bulls and I didn't have 4 equally yummy Canadian gals there with me, but what a grand feeling none the less. Thanks, Jenné for your great post that stirred my own memories. And thanks, George for your encourgement and support.

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