December 03, 2007



That's awesome! I'm flicking my lighter!

Julie NM

Oh my God!! That was fricken' amazing! That girl got da blues. I could watch that, oh like, a hundred times!! Yey Nena! You go girl!



Yep, that'd keep me going, too.


Got my cell phone open! Encore, encore!


how funny hubby had a san diego shirt on. when i walked the 3-day in san diego, i told you how much i loved your presentation in boston in august and looked forward to hearing you in sd. you did not disappoint.

the reason i do the 3-day is my friend maryann. she had the same chemo experience at age 36...11 years ago. i witnessed it. it was horrible!!! horrible to the extent she said she would NEVER do it again. so i asked her if, god forbid she got breast cancer, any cancer again, and that was the only treatment to save her life would she do it.....she said NO! god forbid, 4 years later, she got breast cancer again...and she elected a double masectomy and nothing else! she is still here, still healthy and a hero in my life.
in san diego (where i live) i walked with a high school friend who is a survivor. when i mentioned that doing these walks are brutal on my body, but nothing compared to people, like herself, who had gone through chemo. she said her chemo was not bad. go figure. she did have baby poo on her head when she said that!
love your comments jenne! and i expect to see nena on american idol soon!


"In those moments, those times of feeling the awful you just can’t see the light. You just can’t."

This applies to so many things - suicidal, depressed people, grieving people, dying, chemo - it's perfect. And when you've been in that dark hole with no light, you learn... later, but you learn. And you nod when someone else describes it, because even if you haven't gone through the same exact thing, you know the darkness.

Nena, she is full of light. Even with the blues. :) Wonderful vid.


I am home recovering from a (apparently non-cancerous) lipoma that was just removed from my neck/shoulder area. I'm home with a JP drain and have been thinking about how I don't ever want to be any kind of sick ever again, because I just don't think I could handle it! and then I came across your post. (I subscribed to you via RSS a while ago but I have no idea why or how or via whom.)

All my life, having struggled with chronic depression, I have comforted myself with the thought that if I ever had cancer, it would be a piece of cake--because of all the studies I've seen about people who've had cancer & depression saying that cancer was easier. At the same time, I've seen a few friends through the years go through the "guinea pig" thing with chemo and end up dying anyway (at least one who was killed by the cure, rather than the disease)

If I had to decide about such a thing in this moment, I am truly not sure what I would do. This lipoma that I had removed was just above my left collarbone, so for the two months preceding the surgery, I was living with the fear that it was a lymph node that was causing the swelling--which now it seems, it apparently was NOT--but in the waiting, I was quite scared, wondering . . .
I'm on Vicodin right now so forgive me if I'm not making sense. this is just sort of an, "oh yeah, I hear you" to your post. or something . . .


Nena ROCKS! Congratulations on her success in school!

And I hope you never, ever have to go through chemo again.

Jeff Schneider

Great vid! She would be my motivation too! Your an inspiration and thatnks for not sugarcoating your experience...


I have battled A brain tumor, thyroid cancer...I have Crohns disease and a seizure disorder. Now BREAST CANCER, and I have to tell you there has been nothing like this chemo.
iT SMELLS, IT lINGERS FOR DAYS...EVEN WITH THE BEST MEDS.... i AM SICK. so SICK, AND THERE IS NO EXPLAINING IT. aS MUCH as I try, noone can understand, they try..but they don't.
I wish they could...my mom, my husband...friends...they ask about chemo as though it is my friend..."How's Chemo?"
How's Chemo today" I want to scream "CHEMO SUX" & ALTHOUGH They all have been wonderful..it is me, my frustrations are coming out and really showing...I am so frusturated today because I know what I have to do tomarow and I don't want to go. I am frusturated with the whole thing...and I amsure that today is just a mood point, and I will get over it soon, it still doesn't make it any easier.
it makes you feel like someone else, someone you do not know. It is scarry, and
AND SICKENING,& you don't know how long it will last or if you will be as sick as last time or worse...And that smell....I can't stand it the smell is what makes me so sick.

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