July 19, 2007



That's really nice. I've seen similar things in my travels. Any way to make it more personal works for me.


That's much more comforting than the laminated cards with all of the local emergency contacts. (La Quinta Inn, Laredo, TX)


I found this same laminated card at a Doubletree in Washington DC. It affected me quite profoundly. It was very spiritually calming.

Paula Bosh

I'm in a Courtyard in Little Rock and found that same prayer - I liked it so much, I googled it to see if I could find it online and here it is! I also found it calming.

Paula Bosh

Correction - I'm at an Embassy Suites...oops

Sylvia Chua

That is very nice. Who is the original author for this prayer?

Dave Rollins

I'm at a Home Town Suite in Decatur Alabama and this is in the room

Mike Farris

I found this at a Embassy Suites in San Marcos, TX. Made me feel really good, especially seeing that there is a corporation/business entity still left in this country that is not afraid or ashamed to mention the word God.

Very refreshing!


I'm at a embacy suites in Loveland Colorado and I'll tell ya I thought it was amazing to see a card that first off said prayer in it then When it said god I droped my jaw not in a bad way but to see such a large chain do that was like wow that's so cool they would do that realy makes you feel like Thears something for you besides the bill you know? I think it was very nice well done embacy suits well done!


The same calming thoughts were with me when I read this ancient prayer. The smallest detail can change and profoundly affect our peace of mind,happiness and future.

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