May 11, 2007



What a wise post. I'm so very proud to be your mom. Happy Mother's Day, my dear.


This is great. It made me think of the message The Kid wrote to you on your white board and how much she loves you. She's a lucky girl to have such a great stepmom. Happy Mother's Day.


Thank you for this!


Great post. Your energy and heart are wonderful...you know how to make chicken salad out of chicken kaka. The link that was posted in the comments of your other blog is for CSM's. Your positive energy would be great there!

I am a lucky one. We take the kids home early on Mother's Day, but they always wake me with a hand-made card and a cup of coffee, and my husband gets me something too (although it usually has a cord, I am NOT complaining).


I am DREADING Mother's Day. I have my husband's children 80% of the time. His ex only gets them one day a week and he works two jobs so that leave me to raise the girls. I love them and put them first always but still I remain the outsider. They love me also but I'm not mama. Mama is the one who dumped them on our door step. It amazes me how it seems that people who don't deserve children can spit them out like a PEZ dispencer while others who would make excellent parents can not. I'm glad you and your childs mother get along. I am also glad she is a good mother. It makes the politics of step families alot easier. It also makes for a hell of alot less stressful Mothers Day. I really do not want to buy this woman a gift but the girls father has already said he isn't doing it this year and I know the girls will want a present to give mama. Even if she is only mama four days out of the month. Again, this leaves me to do all the dirty work. Seems childish I know but when emotions and past experiences build up it can make for some serious bitterness.


I read this and it made me realize something: I go to a church where they ask the mothers to stand on Mothers Day! Oh no! I almost panicked. But when I got to the end, you've got me convinced: I guess I'll stand. I've been in my stepdaughter's life for two years now, cleaning up her spilled milk, wiping her nose, and washing her dirty clothes; she'll turn five a few weeks after Mother's Day. This will be the first mother's day that I'm married to her dad, though, so it'll be different than last year.

And even though her bio-mom doesn't like my hubby and I, I think I'll send her a card. Maybe mend some fences... ya know, for the kiddo's sake.

Thanks for writing this.

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