January 17, 2007



i'm with you on this.
when we lived in KC still, mom and I would go to "taco tuesday" at margarita's. mmm...anyway, i'd always save that last bit of guac until after i ate my tacos. one of two things would happen.
1. either mom would snatch it up before i could eat it, then laugh with her mouth still full with that last delicious bite, or 2. i would be full.
i'd still eat it though. then i'd have to unbutton my pants.

why do i do this? it's because i don't like to give into instant gratification. the whole time thinking i wish i had given in rather than have delayed gratification. sometimes instant is just better.


Dude! I TOTALLY know what you mean! I'll watch Jeopardy - because I'm a big nerd - and Alex will ask a question that I KNOW I know the answer to. And it's just not there. Oh, it's nearby; but it's not within reach. And I sit there and go "damnit I know this" and then some jerk answers the question and I go "I knew that!" and the people around me smirk and think, "suuuuure, then why didn't you answer it then, jerk?" Well, they could be thinking that...

The chemo brain is for the birds. Drop Dead Gorgeous. Ever seen it? COULD NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMBER THAT NAME THIS MORNING. Had to look it up on IMDB. I KNEW the name of that freakin' movie.

Forgetful forgetful.


Gilly - completely. And remind me never to go to Taco Tuesday with your mom. Guac Hog.

Broc - It's so annoying isn't it? I honestly forgot my mother's maiden name not too long ago. And you know, I use that thing for every security question out there!


Certainly not chemo brain but my husband and I frequently have similar moments.

"Damn, what was thay guy's name? Worked on our team for awhile, left the company, uhhh, . . . "

"K-(I make the "k" sound repeatedly)"

Both of us making the 'trying to poop' face then going into some $100,000 Pyramid back and forth--then finally, he shouts out the guy's name like a blackout winner at a bingo game and we both sigh, released from memory glitch-dom.



I'm laughing so hard. I used to live across from a Little Cesaers and that cheesy bread WAS really awesome!

So do you save the inside of the Oreos for last, too? Not me! Sometimes, I even toss the cookie part and simply move on to the next inside :)

Sometimes, when Andrew is out (because he'd never stand for it if he was here) I serve dessert before dinner. I call it a backward dinner. Yum!

Bummer about the forgetting...


I thought I was the only one haunted by that lady at the church! :)


You have a sister?


Save the best for last and delayed gratification -v- strike while the iron is hot and carpe diem.

There's a time and season for everything, I guess.

Looks like you're in the season of *now.*

Buy it now, eat it all, and eat it all right now.

Quick, go grab some Chokotoff! Do not ration!

Leaves Too Soon

I on the other hand have never waited for anything, I eat my desert frist and salad last. By the time you have finished one donut or beer, I've got two or three down my throat.

I appreciate the patience everyone of you have, for I have none.

Christ, I am just like Pickles.


This was good, and your mom's comment is hilarious.

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