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January 09, 2007



Decadron - I've been listing that as an allergy (or my mom has) since the age of 2. I don't really know what it did to me, but Mom drilled it into me that I should never take it. Docs always seem amazed that it's on my list ... I've never known anyone else to take it ... you've come through this amazingly, one to go, congratulations.


I like to put marbles in my medicine cabinet.

Jeff Risley

My grandpa kept his teeth in a green steele-colored cup next to the sink in the "utility room," we called it. The thing I had to learn early was that there were two steele-colored cups -- one was green and one was orange. Never -- ever -- drink from the green one.

The teeth never scared me. In fact, I thought it was totally cool he could take out all of his teeth. He used to do his early-morning chores (milking the cow) without his teeth in. I can still remember how he sounded -- it affect his laugh more than his speech. And then he'd put them in when he came in the house.

I can still see that cup. I can still see my Grandpa. I miss him.

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