September 06, 2006


Mary Richmond

your writing made me cry. And it's ok to cry. You're right, this sucks. You don't have to be upbeat. You don't have to be anything for anyone. This is all about you, how you feel, how you don't feel....and it's ok not to be strong all the time or to be strong all the time--whatever works for you. and it will probably change all the time. You're right--it is like moving the fireplace brick by brick but it's moving through your life, your emotions, your fears, moment by moment. I don't know you but I send you my love and prayers.

Jeff Risley


Sounds like Jeanette is a wise person. Her answer is the only one.

Livin', not matter how shitty, beats dyin', huh.


i heard this commentary on NPR this morning and when i read your post it brought it to mind. just passing it on. i'm sending happy deposits your way.



I about passed out when I read the title of this post. "You gotta be kidding me", I thought. "There is no frickin' way they are going to move that fireplace...is there?"

I got a lot in my head...so I'm just going to start in...and see where it ends up:

Lots of people are on the sidelines at your race, sneek. But it is your race. You are the only one out there running, slapping your feet against the pavement. You've trained, you've conditioned, but it's just you and this race. We are all cheering you on. You know that. You can hear us. So what's left is the beating of your heart, your breathing and the thoughts in your head that you can, will and must do this. And feeling that might not be enough is probably, as I am so clearly hearing Ron Beecher say this in my mind, exactly where HE wants you. I wouldn't spew platitutes at you beek, especially spiritual ones. It's the only answer I can think of. The one clear thought as I finished reading your thoughts.

If you had cancer and were carrying a bucket of vinegar water... that was the other one, but it didn't seem to fit.


From what I know of you, if anybody was really going to move that fireplace, you could do it. I'm not sure if others can make deposits into your account or not, but maybe we can at least give you gift cards that have some kind of value.

I'm not sure HOW, I just know you CAN.

Sending you love and a new CD that I mailed today.


I hate that you have to do this. I love and respect your clarity.


OK – you’ve got me crying…because I identify so much with you, brick by brick! I’m SO sorry that anyone else has to be going through this (cancer). I know I pray at night and I wake up in the morning, so I figure that means I move another brick. That's my "assignment" for the day, the way God wants me to glorify Him. Let's hand in there together!


I just don't know what to say to help...other than to remind you that you have a lot of people out here in the world who are following your story AND saying prayers for you.


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