August 06, 2006


Catie Knight

Hi, my name is Catie and we have never met, but there is a connection. My husband, Robbie, once shared a cubical wall with your husband, Steve. In fact, I am pretty sure you once worked in Wacky Barkley World and even worked with Robbie as well. Robbie misses Steve a lot and when they worked together, Robbie often brought home stories of the Kid and the friendship Steve offered.

Steve sent Robbie an email not too long ago to let us know how he has been. He sent us the "diagnosis mass email" and it had a link to your blog....so here I am. Actually, I have been checking in regularly. Yes, I will admit it, I am a Blog Lurker.

I have hesitated to post a message, mostly b/c we don't know each other, however, after reading today's posting I just couldn't resist.

I think you are an incredibly gifted person and I find your posts honest and inspiring. Mostly, though, I appreciate your humor and your ability to stretch towards optimism...even if, and especially when the stretch is painful.

Robbie and I talk often about you and Steve and how you're doing. I guess the point of this post is just to let you know there are two more people out there routing for you both.

Catie Knight

Crap....I meant ROOTING for you. Geez!


Thank you Catie! I'm glad to know you are out there reading and rooting! Tell Robbie I said hello. Thanks for the comment and all the good wishes.


This was one of the funniest things I've ever read about a serious subject. Gotta love it. You're helping me learn how to be a better friend, a better person. Thanks. It's great stuff.

Jeff Risley

Ok, seriously, I wet my pants...I mean I actually peed a little from laughter when I read this post. Jesus H. Christ you're funny.

And I figured it out...today when I saw you and said your shaved head "wasn't what I expected," and you asked, "What did you expect," and I said "I don't know." I really meant "I can't put it into words." But what I meant was I expected you to look less feminine with a shaved head, but I was wrong. You still look very much like the lady you've always been.


If chemo enters your bloodstream on the 15th day of the 3rd round, how many rounds remain? Sounds like an SAT question.

I would NEVER wear white pants on the last day of your period, ever. I just wouldn't.

Quit leaving your pubic hairs in my living room.

I'm grateful for the little things, and the big things. And I'm working darn hard on not taking things personally. Thank you for showing me the world - not necessarily THE world, but YOUR world. Mine's a better place with you in it.


Ah, Sneek. I have just finished reading this for the fourth time : ) Oh, Cancer Girl you ARE sooooo funny! Thanks for the last question's answer. Good soup for sure. I love you today!!! "Little Jewish place"... I'm STILL laughing!!

Val Cheimis

Thanks for saying all the things I did not think to say to the people who asked me the same questions while I was going through Chemo and treatment. And they did ask. I know the mood swings well,and add that to the hot flashes I now have and it gives a whole new meaning to "look at that hot bitch". Keep us laughing. Please,it takes my mind off how hot I am.

Bree Cush

Your blog is wonderful. Everything about you shines through as I have the privilege of having known you and therefore being able to experience your mannerisms in 3D. I have learned, however, that I can't read it at work anymore. Because just when I think you are being outrageously hilarious, something so prophetic and heartfelt crops up and makes me cry. You are an inspiration!!!


I saw your comment on one of my posts and came over to see your blog .... I love it! Another cancer survivor with a good sense of humor! As a fellow Hodgkin's survivor, I REALLY think it would be nice if Dr. Hodgkin's would come get his disease AND it's side effects ... They have most certainly over stayed their welcome. (Would love to include a link to you in my blogroll ... If not, that's ok too.)

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