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June 21, 2006



God does watch out for you especially, and he will continue to do so.

Can you believe I actually posted a comment?! Now that should make you laugh.


Man! They say cancer changes people - I never believed it until I saw that it made you post a comment!


Wow, Jenne, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis but am glad to hear you are fighting hard. Thanks for letting us know and giving us the opportunity to pray for you and dialog with you while you kick some cancer butt.


Thats a real stunner...
we will be thinking of you....


I only know you through this blog, but this is what a feel I know about you Jenne:
You are a positive thinker
You have a fabulous sense of humor
You inspire others
You are a "doer"
and you will, I hope, use all these wonderful qualities that have drawn me to your writing to as Susie said "Kick Cancers Butt!"


In for the ride. Yep. I got shotgun.

Artie Lange

Thanks for sharing what I imagine is an extremely difficult (yet overcomable, if that is a word)part of your life. I'll be praying for you, your family, and your caregivers, but I'll also be coming by this site for the interesting and inspiring writing I have come to enjoy!

Go get 'em tigress!


Damn! Sam called shotgun! Looks like I'll be in the jumper seat in the back of the ol' station wagon. I'm in for the ride too.

Thanks for sharing and letting us know. I'll be joining the prayer circle and send positive vibes your way.


I'm making a list of all the good things about being diagnosed with cancer.

All of these comments just made the list.

Thanks for the support. It means more than you can imagine. You each have made today a great day for me!

Jenny Brake

It just plain sucks Jenne. Cancer...It probably feels like a death sentence. It would for me. I hate that word! And now you have to act all brave and confident in God and medicine when you are most likely scared to death. Jesus is certainly able to heal. And I hope He does. But if He doesn't, He still is worth hanging on to. Your Dad did. Bless you, old friend.

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