January 27, 2009


Average Jane

Okay, that is just too cool.

It reminds me a little of M&M Wars, a game my mom taught me where you get two M&Ms, pinch them between your thumb and forefinger and eat the loser (whichever one cracks). Repeat until over-sugared.

I totally want to have egg fights next Easter. My niece and nephew will freak out.


Well, if you do, be sure to email me for pointers ... literally ... biggest pointer is to use the POINTY side of the egg. Did you know eggs have pointy sides? and also, try to find one that is long and thin ... like a missile, not fat and round ... like my thigh.

Believe me, after having egg fights, you'll never look at those things the same way again. Just the other day I was making breakfast and I was like "ooooh that's a good one" ... and tried to calculate if I could save it until Easter.

I didn't, btw.


OK, you said "smash the eggs into each other" and I had visions of The Hub smacking his MeeMom upside the head with a hard-boiled egg. That seemed a little rough, even for Latvians. Now I see "each other" was entirely egg-centric.


That's a snazzy blue scarf you are sporting in those photos...

The Hub

That's quite an eggcentric family you have. You all seem to yolk it up pretty well. Looks like Poppy is cracking up. When all the eggs are gone, are there any eggstras? You must've been eggsausted from all the scrambling around. That MeMom is quite the practical yolker. Eggscuse me, but I've got to go now, I'm beat.


what a crack up! especially you, Hub.


Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

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