August 19, 2008



Congrats to the Boston 3-Dayers and to you for making it through a less than ideal weekend! The Twin Cities 3-Day is exactly a month away and I am sooo excited! My mom and I have raised over $6000 and I am shooting for the last few hundred to be a "power team". Can't wait to see you and feel the inspiration that only the Breast Cancer 3-Day can provide. ~Jody


I was a walker at the Boston 3 Day and even with the rain and the relocation it was absolutely amazing. I don't walk the 60 miles for comfort I walk for the cause. I walk to help make sure that one day there is a cure for this horrible disease. I am looking forward to the Phoenix 3 day in just a few months.


Jody - Way to go on your fundraising .. that's amazing! Can't wait to see you in TC

Sharon - that's exactly the perspective I'm talking about. You're awesome. See you in AZ!


When I walked the 3-Day last year I did it for the personal challenge, and for dozen or so neighbors and friends I know who've had breast cancer. I had an awesome experience, met lots of awesome people (including you, Jenné), and said "Oh yeah, I gotta do this again."

Last January we took my husband to the ER with what we thought was a kidney stone. It wasn't. It was an 11 centimeter long cancerous tumor growing on his right kidney. They took his kidney, and we kept our fingers crossed. He was 41 years old.

They think they got it all and that the cancer hadn't spread. But every six months we have to go get checked to make sure.

If my walking in snow or rain or hail helps keep ONE person from having to experience that gut-wrenching fear that we as a family have sitting in the closets of our minds...it's worth it.

I'm convinced, too.


I love you!


As usual, you've written quite a thought-provoking piece here.

One of the best examples of "perspective" I can think of is a story my husband John tells. Years ago, he went to Australia and visited Ayres Rock. He was amazed with the place, took loads of photos, arranged to be there at sunset, etc., etc. He told me that a woman standing nearby, as he gazed upon this amazing piece of nature, said to her companion, "Why did we come all this way? It's just a big rock."



kelly livingston (gerberdaisee/wife of steakbellie)

Will you be at the Philly walk? I am walking and was wondering if I would meet up with you there.


Anais Nin once said "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

I've never thought that the 3 Day itself was what was special. It's just a place for people to demonstrate how special they already are. I guess you can call that perspective.

thanks for sharing.


You inspire at just the perfect moments! Thans for all you do for the 3-Day.


Here I was, minding my own business and having a terrible day. And here you are to gently remind me that I am having a wonderful day. Thanks. Again.

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