July 28, 2008



Wow! I read the first line of this entry, got so excited that you were going to be the spokeschick of the 3-Day and called my mom to tell her the great news! I remember my first walk and all the excitement of it, but not the speaker we had. You, however, made me laugh, cry, cheer and cry and laugh some more and I am just thrilled that you will be there gearing us up, cheering us on and keeping us motivated again this year! See ya in the Twin Cities! Thanks for doing a great job! ~Jody


Go get 'em. I'm just thinking of all the lives you'll affect in 14 cities...

Lady Lenore

You are such a motivational writer, I can only imagine what you must be like as a speaker. I wish you luck on your junket, and hope that your presence at the events is an inspiration to all those participating!!

stacey fries

this is my fist attempt at a blog. i've never blogged before, which sounds dirty, but is not. this may be the most clean thing i ever say. mostly i want to wish you luck and love as you get ready to head out and save the world... again. (we'll see you in philly!) but the other thing i want you to know is that you are one of the most beautiful people i have ever met, and i'm very popular and important so this is really a compliment. visually and emotionally i can't believe you exist. it makes up for the woman who yelled at me in the grocery store, and for the Comcast truck that almost ran me off the road. you give me hope for mankind when i am ready to turn my back on it. (was toying with the idea of me and john fries moving to a cabin in montana to live with the antelopes and bears, then saw video of montana man getting eaten by bear... decided bitchy-jersey-women aren't so bad after all.) it gives me such pleasure to be friends with you. even though i don't know what your favorite color is, or your favorite way to spend a sunday, i do know you are an excellent person, a beautiful person and perfect in every way for my friend steve. i always knew he deserved greatness, i'm so happy it came in the form of YOU.


So, being in the "running" for spokeschick last year, in some weird, sick way, I was thrilled/pissed (actually more sad than mad:) that it WAS YOU (and not me)... until I met who "you" was in Chicago... then in some weird, sick way I was pissed (actually sad) that I wasn't somehow working the season WITH you (like some googly-eyed roadie) to glean, by 3-Day-sweat-osmosis, more of what makes you you to make me a better speaker, and stronger me... so, A-HA! your blog. (Which is more you, less script- okay, so "no script" ) and here I've found a part of real you that has helped prepare me (crap) for the newly-found need to "wait,wait,wait" to see if, indeed, the lump, the pain, the swelling, the discharge IS, indeed, Cancer. (right now it deserves Capitalized. it feels quite "big"...)Your communicating how devastating "c" is - now connects with how real my fear of possibly (probably?) having "c" is.

Of course, I don't know until I know. In the meantime, I'm making stories and outcomes up in my head. Ah, glorious imagination.

But when doc says she'll gather a list of Chi surgeons she personally recommends for me - hmmm, well... but there are those who say "be positive! you're thinking the worst!".
Hmmm... really? You mean that I have many symptoms of breast cancer, my doctor thinks I have many symptoms of breast cancer, my 16 year old son may have a mom with breast cancer and I don't have a right to have a moment (alright a few moments) to think what his world would look like without a healthy mom... okay, I'll work on that. (and I'm sure I will eventually - got any leftover Ativan? always hated waiting)

All this to say, see you in Chicago next week... oh, and when I obscenely yell & scream your name and identify myself as someone you should know and I hug you like we're buds and are somehow connected (remember 3-Day sweat osmosis) - know that I'm secretly coveting your job and yet am profoundly grateful it is YOU that is representing this 3-Day army... (while I'm trying not to imagine what an oncology waiting room looks like- how prematurely-sick is that?)

pamela mcguire

Your description of an oncology waiting room is so right on target! I've been there and done that only as a co-survivor, but the sighs, whispers, and tears still cling to my memory and stay in my soul. I don't think it will be the last time I have to go there because it's part of who I am called to be in supporting loved ones who have to be there. And so I walk the 60 miles in hopes that we'll tame one form of cancer and then rise above and over so many other forms of cancer.
You are perfect for the JOB. There are many of us out there that pray you through the weeks of travel, walking and role-modeling that needs to be done. YOU are called to do this and be there. I'll support you in prayer and hope for a bright 3-day season. Jeremiah 29: 11-13



I have recently stumbled across your blog and over the past couple weeks have read every post, I think. It was much like reading a book. Your analogies and your gift for writing and expression have made me cry, and laugh, and most of all think--about myself, my relationships, my experience with breast cancer, and the person I am becoming everyday. You have given me much to think about. We have very some very similar views. At work this past week, one of the patients I was working with mentioned that he had gone to Chicago recently to babysit while his daughter did the Chicago 3-Day. (Until I read your posts, I hadn't known about the national 3-Day events, even though I have participated in our Peoria Race for the Cure for years. It always amazes me how when I learn about something for the first time, or learn a new word, suddenly I see it in print or hear about it everywhere!


I hadn't read your blog posts in a bit, so I was happy to hear your voice yesterday when I volunteered at the closing in Boston! I was going to leave early, to try to miss the traffic, but when I heard you begin to speak, I had to stay.

The 3 Day is blessed to have you, and you continue to inspire everyone associated with it. Thank you.

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