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November 14, 2007



I heart this post.
I so wish I could be getting a pedi with you today. I know you've been crazy busy and I check everyday for a new post.
This one was well worth the wait.
Chemo Tour 06 was great, but 3 Day was sooo much better!!!! (in my opinion...)


Yeah for the pedicure!!! 450 miles. Beek, seriously. That is SO FAR!! And no O2 tank in sight!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"like a miniature topographical map of the Rockies right there on the Piggy Who Went to Market." Love it! You are so, so good. I would stand in line for your book, and I never stand in line for anybody's books. I know you're so busy, and you might not want to ever write a book ... I'm just sayin'.

Pamela McGuire

Awesome, just awesome! That's the kind of reality based motivation that every fighter needs to read and absorb. Congrats on a great 3-day season and the personal, as well as public victories, you have shared so generously. By the way.... I lost a little toenail too... to the scissors, and not pliers , but it was still gross. It was worth it , if one person gets healthy and well, like you!


Jenné, you rock hard and long.


I know what you're talking about! I have never lost a toe or fingernail in my 50 years until a month after the 3-day! Our little trip through the woods in Milton, MA sent my toes flying into the toes of my shoes so much that a one nail was darkened by a bruise under it, and another just plum came off. The toe looks so odd without the nail, as if it were some alien being! It still has not grown back in, and two months have passed. I'm afraid it will never grow back!

Congratulations on your 3-day success! You DO ROCK!

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