October 22, 2007



We are all blessed to have you as part of the 3 Day family. Thank you for the love you bring to the 3 Day. It truly shows, each and every week.

Jean Ann

How good to find your blog. Your words & your voice a true inspiration to those of us on the verge of starting & completeing such an amazing journey. Thank you...

Margaret M Johnson

It waa wonderful and all of us survovors say thank you to all who participated. thank you thank you thank you!


I've loved following this journey.


Tampa Bay - 3-day. Thank you.

My 47 year old cousin, the one who lit this fire within me, whose fight impassioned me to train for Chicago, while really LONGING to walk Tampa (her home)- the blonde-haired beauty, wife, mother of 4, grandmother of 1, clinging on to each day gifted to her - you don't know her - but yet you do. In each hopeful eye you saw this weekend - she was there. In each tear, in each high-five, each sand-burred pant leg, you walked, you spoke, you loved and you hoped-for her.

Thank you for being and for doing what I couldn't.


Oh, and sidebar: fear not - your passion is authentic. Period.


you made this weekend an awe-inspiring weekend, along with all the women (AND MEN!) walking. this was my first 3-day, and most definitely not my last. i would walk a million more miles so there would be no more broken hearts at events like this...only stories of success.
thank you for being a survivor and an inspiration.


Jenne, You're an inspiration! I wasn't able to catch up with you at the Philadelphia event, but I'm so glad I was able to meet you last Saturday in Tampa to tell you what a FANTASTIC addition to this event you are. You bring so much to The 3 Day. Your care and support is so genuine and shows through each and every week! You're the best!

Dayna Reiss

This was the most wonderful experience of my life. I walked the 3Day for my mother who is currently battling Stage 4. I met the most incredible women and men this weekend. I will never forget it and look forward to next year! May you all find an inspiration like this to keep going. I loved the 3 day and will be back.

Lynne Schaf

I was part of the food service for the 3-Day in Tampa Bay '07'. I was a walker in '06'. I just want to say that the walkers were a wonderful group of people. As a survivor, I love and appreciate everyone of them. But I also really appreciate all the crew. The walkers got most of the press and a lot got to tell their stories. This is great! I applaude that. But the crew was just as wonderful and just as hardworking...believe me, I was there! These people I really love because they put in 4 days and supported the walkers every step of the way without the press and without their stories being told. They may not have been able to walk 60 miles but they were the 1st ones up and the last ones to bed. They slept maybe a total of 4 hours in that parking garage and were up and on that line serving breakfast or marking that route with a smile and a ready hug. My hats are off to them and their reasons for participating in this amazing event every year.

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