July 23, 2007



This may be my favorite post ever. And I'm not just saying that because I'm not all that well endowed myself. Really.

I'm so glad you are back and writing! Yay!


Having more "front-end luggage" than most, I can appreciate your heralding of small boobs. Having big'ens isn't all it's cracked up to be. Hear-hear to Moulin Rouge!


YAY, Jenne! I so appreciate your blog! This is a wonderful post, and I am right there with you when you talk about wanting "the kid" to know "Beauty is as beauty does. I want The Kid to get this. To understand it. To know it." I have a daughter who's 12. We're struggling with sense of self vs. physical appearance, and I think I'm going to have her read this post. She just might get it.


So funny. Here's another word for you, coined by my friend Judy Nelson from Orlando: bresoms. This reminded me of a classic Designing Women episode when Mary Jo was thinking of getting a boob job:
JULIA: Suzanne's had those as long as I can remember. She was born with them. Mother and Daddy and I used to sit around and just stare at them. It's just the spin of the ole' genetic wheel. I think I've been amply compensated.
CHARLENE: What's that mean?
MARY JO: It means Suzanne got the boobs, and she (pointing to Julia) got the brains.
SUZANNE: I don't think I like the turn this conversation has taken.
MARY JO: Oh, c'mon....... big boobs/tiny brains...... it's a story as old as the hills --- I didn't write it.
CHARLENE: Mary Jo!!! I cannot believe you would even repeat that!!
MARY JO: Oh, I'm just kidding. It's just the Littlest Angel's way of kind of evening the score.
SUZANNE: What's this "Littlest Angel" stuff anyway?
MARY JO: It's the name of a training bra, Suzanne. I'm sure you wouldn't know anything about that.
SUZANNE: A training bra............. you little people have to train yours, and you call us dumb.....


what a great post! I see from the pic that they are still showing Ferie. I was just in Paris last August and saw the same show. And while i was against the back wall unable to determine cup size, i really enjoy the lesson in this post. and if i ever have a daughter, i'll certainly take your words to heart.

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