June 18, 2007



Thanks for sharing about your scars. They tell such interesting stories. A few years ago I read that when Jesus rose from the grave, he did so with the scars from his crucifixion. I love that. He could've picked any kind of body he wanted, I guess--if you can come back to life and bear all the sin of the world, surely you could come back looking like anyone you want, but he didn't. Maybe he was afraid people would acuse him of even more trickeration than they actually did, I don't know. He just kept it real, and somehow it makes it easier to relate to him. Scars are powerful that way.


Simply beautiful! We all have scars, inside & out, and the difference between peace & turmoil is acceptance, the recognition of what they represent. I love how you wrote about yours.


This is really wonderful, Jenne'. For me, it was the perfect (and only) thing for me to read this evening. Thanks.


When I was in my early twenties I thought about getting a tattoo. When I searched around for the right spot to put one I saw the many scars I had earned in my life and remembered the stories that went with each one. I decided that I did not need to add anything to my body to be different, or say something about me to the rest of the world. I had my scars and they told the story of my life so far just fine. And now, ten years later I have a few more scars and a few more stories. Every day I become more and more me.

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