February 13, 2007



I love this post. Not only because of the WV stories but because of the “who am I” part. Right there with you, sister! Sure, I have not taken the route you have but I feel the same. I remember that person that not only made art, but had to make art. I remember that person who saw the world so clearly and felt so connected to nature. I remember dreaming so hard it made my heart tingle. I remember my 20’s and how they not only made sense after they were over, but they even made some sense while they were going on. I keep thinking that my 30’s are going to start making sense, but it doesn’t seem to be working out like that. Maybe it will one day when I look back on this decade. However, right now I seem lots in all of it. Not scared or not even that much disappointed, just kinda lost and wondering where that person went I knew in my 20’s. We are now 37…almost 38, so I guess the mystery of my 30’s will soon be over and turn into the mystery of my 40’s! Ha! Thank you for your honesty and wisdom and love.


I love this post too. Maybe because you sucked me in and I thought it was all happy and stuff and then it's frustrating again. Kind of like reality. Interesting. And I love the stories of your family. And that you felt really good remembering the KC song. I hope you remember more soon. Really soon.


I love the songs that rattle around in my head. They sometimes align with the things that are happening in my life on a daily basis. Kind of like a musical narrative that adds context to the stories of the day.

Songs, in and of themselves, are like the stories your family told. I love this post. And I'm betting your songs will get stronger. And your stories will get stronger.

And you'll write some great and highly recognizeable narrative. And I'm going to enjoy reading every verbal and non-verbal syllable.

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