August 09, 2006



Will you do my laundry and meet me with donuts and cookies after work? I'll shave MY head if you will...


Clearly I only do those things if you are fixin to break up with me.


Another fantastic post. Thanks for sharing the photos (and this whole journey) with us. You rock! And you look so good with no hair! I think I would look like one of those little hairless dogs or Yoda or something. You are a beautiful woman whether you've got hair or not.


I almosted posted this yesterday, and didn't. I didn't want to share it with every single person who keeps up with your blog--that's what I'd decided. I was going to write you "off board".

Here's the thing. Just before your birthday, I had a gorgeous velvet burn-out head scarf sent here from my husband's native Pakistan. I thought I'd send it to you as a gift. I thought you deserved the most beautiful scarf I could get my hands on--you were going to lose your hair after all. I waited for it to get here. I oooo-ed and ahhh-ed over it myself when it did. I wrapped it, packed it and . . . didn't send it. I, inexperienced in the ways of friendship through cancer, thought I might have made the wrong choice however well intended I might have been, however loving I was trying to be. And, I did nothing.

So, here's the deal. I'm going to send it to you anyway--even though you are the most stunningly beautiful girl, hair or no. You very simply do not need the covering. Just goes to show that Truth cannot be altered.

Love you.



I didn't know Hubby shaved his head too!! He is so incredible -- you guys are a perfect match. I feel the chemistry in every word you write and say and in your face when you talk about him. His support must help you be strong more than you could explain in writing. And, I told you Tuesday, you are truly beautiful with the new look. No shit, just truth, truly beautiful. Rock on, girl!


you are beautiful!


You are one wise and cool lady.

I admire your guts and attitude so much.



I admire what a greatly shaped head you have!

My favorite picture is the third one.

I love reading your words and each morning I come into work, I look to see if you've revealed something new.

This is big.

I love you :)


Thanks all. It has been so interesting to see how people react. It has been even MORE interesting to see how I have reacted.

To Gilly's point, I am SO grateful for a decently shaped head. What a relief!


Hi there; I read you ages ago, but somehow lost track. Wendy reminded me to check you out again, and I'm so glad she did. My sister had cancer a year ago. So much of what you write here mirrors what she told me as she dealt with similar issues, and yet your experinces are vastly different. I love it. Keep writing. You make a difference in people's lives.

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