July 19, 2006



Cool insight. I think Hostages are the toughest to deal with, because they're closed off and it's always someone else's fault, and if they never own up to anything about their situation, then they aren't going to change anything about it. What would you do to try and get the Hostages to participate? Give them a vision for how things could be and then let them choose it?


Being a trainer as well, I know EXACTLY the "types" of students you are talking about. I'd never given them names before, but I HAD thought about the comparisons to the characteristics of how people live their lives.

I've often had a Hostage or Vacationer in class and wondered if they ALWAYS act like that. Explorers, from my perspective, are usually Explorers in ALL phases of their lives.

GREAT post -- thanks!

Keep well...



How descriptive! I have noticed people in each category in seminars I've taught (and in life!) - but never thought about it like this. Thanks. I like it.

Tommy P.

Hostages usually blame the Explorers for their plight.

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